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The rising fossil fuel prices, together with economic volatility, technology advantages and upcoming legislations are bringing up sustainability consciousness and turning decarbonisation of shipping into a no-brainer. As early as 2023 shippers and carriers can be expected to integrate decarbonisation practices within their business models.

How will this impact carriers and shippers alike? Offsetting vs. Insetting, what is the difference? What strategies can you use to decarbonise through the use of alternative fuels? And ultimately, how can you integrate decarbonisation strategies into your business model?

In this 45-minute executive featuring sustainability industry experts discuss the state of logistics through a sustainable lens in the light of these upcoming changes.

What you will learn about:

  • How can you integrate decarbonisation strategies into your business model and make your logistics truly sustainable.

  • How to prepare for new decarbonisation requirements including insetting vs. offsetting approaches and concrete examples of decarbonisation strategies using alternative fuels.

  • Key milestones to drive transport decarbonisation in the next years companies should be aware of.