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Part I of your Air Cargo Manifest - what essentials do shippers need to know? 

Air freight is enjoying a surge in popularity amongst shippers worldwide. The constrained capacity and soaring prices of the sea freight market have turned many an eye to the skies in search for an alternative transport mode. With Asia-Europe rail routes experiencing very limited availability, air freight could be perfectly positioned for a great run. But what exactly do you need to know in order to take advantage of all these benefits?

Whether you are an experienced logistician or completely new to air freight. We want to provide you with a guide, split into three parts, that will enable you to understand and harness the fundamental factors of air freight shipping to cross the finish line a winner and not end up a crashed pilot. 

Download the first ebook of our 3-part series where we cover air freight basics and help you get your goods up in the air in an efficiently and cost-effective manner.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the basics of air freight
  • How fast is fast and when it does it slow down
  • To avoid the costs skyrocketing as well, know your cost drivers
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