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Part II of your Air Cargo Manifest.
From workflows to safety and documentation, find out how to give your cargo wings.

No question, this mode of transport takes you to your destination faster than any other. But if you start running too fast, you may also quickly stumble.

In comparison to other modes of transport, air freight requires a large number of stakeholders to safely transport cargo from its point of origin to its destination. All goods transported by air need to pass through an acceptance process, and in this process, there are specific procedures to follow.

These procedures could easily become a headache but that should not be the reason to stay far from air freight - you do not have to fly alone. 

Download the second ebook of our 3-part series where we introduce you to the different stakeholders in the air freight transportation chain, explain their various responsibilities, and share with you how to handle air freight with ease.

What you will learn:


  • Workflows: Who does what and how?
  • Documentation in air freight: AWB, SLI, DGR, and customs. We shed light on the terminological darkness.
  • From theory to practice: a checklist for your air freight shipments.
Airfreight eBook Part II