Clarity at every defining moment

Upgrade your logistics visibility with a solution that provides exceptional insights into your shipment's journey from origin to destination.

Data flowing with the Insights Engine and the Notifications Center

What are the
Moments of Truth?

Forto Moments of Truth is a visibility solution that provides exceptional insight into the status of your shipments using high-quality data and the latest data processing technology.

With extensive and customizable notifications, Forto helps you stay in control of your shipments through every stage, ensuring success for your international cargo movements.

an email collecting all the notifications sent by the insights engine

The notifications I am receiving are very helpful! I am proactively informed of changes, and the communication is simple and straightforward. I can see at a glance if it's something I need to jump on to mitigate a possible delay or just a heads up.

Cornelia Zenker, Transport Manager / Logistik at SellerX



Stay focused with insights on critical events that affect your shipments.



Receive only qualified data analyzed by Forto's advanced algorithms.



Plan ahead to avoid and minimize disruptions with timely alerts.

Make better decisions
that keep your shipments flowing

Replan proactively, minimize costs, optimize your operations with dependable information on every Moment of Truth in your shipments journey, and build a competitive edge through insightful visibility.

The Notifications Center

The new Main Carriage Notifications have proven to be great for us. The notifications allowed us to take swift action and quickly communicate the information to our warehouse and sales department, ensuring that our customers were informed.

Nicole Kruschke, Purchasing Agent at Repac

Enjoy superior visibility
at every stage of your shipment

These are just a few examples of how we provide great visibility over crucial moments along the cargo journey. You can experience a smoother data-powered supply chain with every Forto shipment.

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Will the cargo be ready for the planned transport?

Last-minute changes to the Cargo Ready Date can lead to shipment problems and delays. Forto's notifications inform you of changes to cargo readiness from your supplier and help you mitigate risks and replan fast, when you need it.

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Will the main carriage depart and arrive on time?

Smooth main carriage is crucial to the delivery time and cost. Our smart notifications will give you full visibility on potential and actual port delays and missed transhipments so you know exactly what is happening and what you need to do next.

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Did the container leave and return to the port on time?

Demurrage and detention charges are common sources of additional costs. We can keep you in the loop and ahead of fees with up-to-date information on free days, shipment status, and charges that help you monitor your containers, mitigate risks and avoid pesky extra costs.


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The difference is in our data

Good decisions rely on good information; that’s why superior data quality is our #1 priority.

Forto designs and builds technology solutions that process and clean data to display high-quality insights on the status of your cargo. 
The verified data is seamlessly integrated into Forto's transportation management system and customer platform to enable informed decision making.

Forto digital platform

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