Direct CSR impact

Reduce plastic and create jobs and educational programs, while enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

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Easy to implement

A simple, cost-effective, and efficient way to reduce your environmental impact without any changes to your current operations.


Clear, verified insights

Full transparency: Get verified information on waste collected and offset for transparent stakeholder communication.


How Does It Work?

The Ocean Plastic Prevention program is designed to help businesses compensate for their plastic pollution. By purchasing plastic credits, companies contribute to removing and processing plastic waste from rivers, preventing plastic from reaching the oceans.

We've teamed up with Plastic Fischer to introduce this pioneering service. For every credit you purchase, a specific amount of plastic is retrieved and processed from the environment by Plastic Fischer. Your contributions go directly to Plastic Fischer's project in Bandung, Indonesia. It's a win-win solution for your business and the planet.

(Photo Credit: Plastic Fischer)


In celebration of World Sustainable Transport Day on November 26 

Forto will match every kg of plastic removed for a limited time, amplifying your effort to preserve our oceans. Together we can remove 10 tons of plastic from Asian rivers!

Your Business Impact:

  • Play an active role in reducing global plastic pollution
  • Directly support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
  • Enhance your brand's reputation for corporate social responsibility

Forto doubles your impact!


Make an Impact Measured in Tons

So far, Plastic Fischer’s collaborative project has collected 200 tons of river waste and is adding at least 20 tons to that total with each passing month.

By participating, your business makes a tangible positive impact on the environment. With the Ocean Plastic Prevention approach, you contribute to lessening negative environmental impact, meeting sustainable development goals, and creating better corporate social responsibility efforts.

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We're excited to help you transition to a more sustainable future. With every kilogram of plastic offset, we're one step closer to cleaner oceans.